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TeleLove is a dating platform inside your messaging application! You don't need to download anything, Just click and start your matchmaking!

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telelove account
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If you are interested in TeleLove, you can follow our Telegram channel to receive product and community updates:

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People from around the world have used TeleLove to find their partner.


Did you know that people who are in a satisfying relationship feel happier and live longer? So why wait?

About Us

About Us

We are a small, enthusiastic team who believe that everybody can make a difference.

TeleLove team - CEO

Mahmoud Tashakori 

  • LinkedIn

CEO/Tech Lead

TeleLove team - Product

Amin Aghajani

  • LinkedIn

Product Manager

TeleLove team - Marketing

Farzad Aghatehrani

  • LinkedIn

Marketing Manager

TeleLove team - UX

Nooshin Rahnema

  • LinkedIn

UX/UI Designer

Contact Us

Contact Us

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